Women get fat after marriage

There are a number of measures that could help solve this problem, but the most effective will not be accepted by governments. This is about the limitations of advertising junk food for children, imposing additional taxes on unhealthy food and special marking of useful products.Woman get fat after marriage – Beginning or end of the marital relationship can affect the size of your waist, scientists say.

However, exactly when you need to change clothes size depends on how you are male or female. Women are more likely to gain weight after marriage, when men begin to gain weight after divorce, as studies have shown. “When you have experienced major life changes, your weight may increase,” – said Dmitry Tumin, student, author Studies at Ohio State University. apple cider vinegar weight loss

Changes shape after marriage or divorce has been observed in people older than 30 years, scientists added.Most people after marriage or after a divorce do not change the weight to such an extent that it affected their health, but for a small number of people weight changes can cause the risk of disease.Marriage, divorce and waist size – Earlier studies have shown that in general there is a tendency of a small weight gain after marriage, as well as its slight decline after a divorce. However, these changes were described as average, people of both sexes.


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